Tanya Khovanova's Relationships and Self-Help Books Reviews

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In the book "You Can Heal Your Life", Louise L. Hay assumes that by changing your beliefs you can change your life. She explains how to eliminate beliefs that block us from happiness and success, and how to rewire ourselves for new beliefs that will attract partners, money and health.

I find the chapter on health the most interesting. She claims that illnesses result from fears and disabling beliefs. For example, motion sickness, according to Hay, stems from the fear of not being in control. There might be some truth to this as it is well-known that people with motion sickness feel much better when they are in the driver's seat. Therefore, she suggests the creation of a new thought pattern as a cure for motion sickness; "I am always in control of my thoughts. I am safe. I love and approve of myself."

The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson is a book about how good the relaxation response is. To get to the meaningful information you have to read through 170 pages of advertising. After that you get to the two pages of description of how to elicit the response. These most important two pages are available all over the Internet: I found them at the website of the Mind/Body Medical Institute. So, if you are looking for the technique, you do not need to buy the book, unless you really want to be persuaded that the relaxation response is very useful.

Last revised November 2008