Some Funny Photographs

Cape Cod Levitaion Society
Cape Cod Levitation Society.
Violators Grilled Yes to standing
Grilled Violators. Yes standing.
Thin Ice This Way
Very thin ice. This Way.
drive-thru Parking
Drive-thru Parking (submitted by Leonid Grinberg).
Pleasure Vehicles No Bicycles
For pleasure vehicles only. How old must a bicycle be to be considered an adult?
Brighton Geometry hoagies
Brighton Beach Geometry (submitted by Vitaly Blokhin) That's a lot of hoagies!
addition one-way
Refresh your addition skills when approaching Princeton. No wonder Boston drivers are the way they are.
planetarium come again
Directions to the planetarium in Chicago. The mixed messages of Burger King.
The multipurpose fan of the multipurpose room of the Multipurpose University of Princeton.

Last revised July 2006